Assassin Coli

Mola Priority:
Offense first turn nuker: S3 > S2 > S1
Defense only: S2 > S3 > S1

1) Dust Devil
2 Tonfa/Portrait
3) R & L

My Preferred Sets: Speed + Crit

Necklace: Crit damage or Crit chance
Generally you don’t want to run Crit damage necklace unless you have enough imprints or Crit rate to make sure you’re as close to 100% as possible.

Ring: attack % or even flat attack.
If you have an amazing flat attack ring with high speed and Crit chance/Crit damage then it will be worth the loss of 100-200 attack

Boots: Speed boots with Crit chance, Crit damage, and attack % substats

Uses: You can use assassin coli as a first turn nuker in guild wars or arena. With soul burn she can dish out massive single target burst damage easily to nuke units like ML Baal/ML Aramintha/Basar.
She’s also great on defense to help harass the enemy as after going first she’ll go into stealth.