Auxiliary Lots

Mola Priority:
All molas are optional

1) Tagehel’s Ancient Book

Preferred Sets: Speed + Immunity / Speed + Broken
If you have a high speed immunity set, it works great on auxiliary lots (but not necessary). It serves as a safety net against certain compositions that may disrupt your auxiliary lots if he gets outsped (e.g. dizzy with abyssal crown).

Necklace: Anything
Look for your highest speed substat!

Ring: Anything
Look for your highest speed substat!

Boots: Speed

Uses: Auxiliary lots is a PvP unit that is commonly used in both arena and guild wars. His S2 provides attack buff and up to 100% combat readiness to a unit on your team. If your auxiliary lots is fast enough to take the first turn, you will be able to boost up a cleave/nuke unit that is on a slow, glass cannon-build, and decimate the enemy team. This is why his gear prioritizes speed and nothing else (battles using auxiliary lots are often decided won or lost within the first few turns).