Mola Priority:
Max S2 > Max S1 > Optional S3 if you have resources

1) Elbris Ritual Sword – Almost absolutely necessary in my opinion

My Preferred Sets:
1) Counter + Immunity
2) Counter + Crit
3) Speed + Crit/Immunity – Don’t feel scared to run speed if you don’t have a good counter set. If you can’t get good stats at all with counter then just run a decent speed set that gives you good crit damage. So when Charles gets a turn or proc’s Elbris he’ll hit hard.

Necklace: Crit damage / Crit Chance
If you can’t get 70-80% crit chance when running a crit damage necklace you might want to just run a crit chance necklace instead.

Ring: Attack % / Health % – You want him to be a bruiser so if you run Attack on ring then run Health on boots and vice versa.

1) Health % – Run health if you’re using an attack ring
2) Attack % – Run attack if you’re running health on the ring

Uses: Charles is a bruiser type of unit that can help you strip enemy buffs + do quite a bit of damage at the same time.
Generally used in Guild wars he’s a strong Defense unit and also used occasionally on offense against certain teams.