Mola Priority:
Max S3 > Max S1 > S2

1) R & L (Cidd gets an extra turn when he kills with S3 so this gives you an “Extra chance” to proc RnL)
3) Dust Devil

My Preferred Sets: Speed + Crit

Necklace: Crit damage or Crit chance
You almost want to have a crit damage necklace. You want your Cidd to nuke hard so running a crit chance necklace will lower your damage quite a bit. This is also based off what kind of equips you have available though.

Ring: attack % or even flat attack.
Your ring you just want to look for Crit damage subs mainly and then some speed and crit chance.

Boots: Speed boots with Crit chance, Crit damage, and attack % substats

Uses: The way I like to use Cidd is that he’s a follow-up / Clean-up for my team. He provides a speed imprint if I’m running fast units + a hard nuke to finish someone off.

If you get a speed buff by running Roozid/Yuna then your Cidd will also gain elemental advantage now when using Skill 3 so you can have someone like Roozid go first to boost Cidd > Then nuke a unit of any element hard.