Watcher Schuri

Mola Priority:
Only his S3 really needs to be mola’d to be used as a Nuker.

Main Important Aspect:
One of the most important about Watcher Schuri is that he has a speed imprint. So make sure you do your best to get imprints on him and take advantage of that.

1) Sashe Ithanes so you can cut enemy teams
2) Tonfa/Portrait to do more damage

My Preferred Sets:
1) Speed + Crit I run my Watcher Schuri speed set so he can be fast enough in guild wars by himself to cut people if I run Sashe Ithanes.
2) Alternatively you can also run him Triple Crit Set if you’re going to have someone else boost him up. (Ex. Tam Iseria combo)

Necklace: Crit damage
You want your Watcher Schuri to have enough crit damage so this is highly suggested.

Ring: Attack %

Boots: 1) Speed boots with Crit chance, Crit damage, and attack % substats
2) Attack % boots with Crit chance and Crit damage sub stats

Uses: Guild wars as a single target nuker to take care of threats like Dark Corvus and ML Ken.
Arena as a single target nuker to help clean up annoying units. (Ex. Ruele, Maid chloe, ML Ken, etc.